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Are you an author interested in getting your original fiction narrated on the podcast? Great! Fill out the forum below with your details, and your original story, and if we feel it would be a good fit for the podcast, we’ll be in contact via the email you provide.

By submitting your story, you confirm that it is your original work. Plagiarism is not tolerated. You also agree to allow the story to be narrated for and on the podcast “ClancyPasta” for commercial use. If there are any details you’d like to include (requests, details to mention, links to include), feel free to add them at the bottom after your story. Again, if we feel your story will be a good fit, we will contact the email you’ve given.

IMPORTANT:  If your story is too long, the contact forum below may not work.  Please email your story directly to to submit your story.  Thank you!